Malay Cuisine

The Muslim stalls at Air Kopitiam serve only the best halal food fare you’ll come to love. Spicy rendang, bombing bakso, and tantalizing tempoyak are just some things you’d fine at our halal menu. All prepared with love and care. Just like how Atok use to make them back home.

Indian Cuisine

From tandoori to tikka and curries to naan, we’ve got you covered here at Air Kopitiam. Come immerse your tastebuds in the delicious memories of Indian favourites that are full of spices and flavours. Get ready for a taste explosion like no other!

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food is well represented at Air Kopitiam. Whether it’s wokhei laden stir fries, obligatory roast meats or sensationally seasoned seafood, there’s no ending the awesome selection available at our food court. It’s simple nourishing food for the body and soul.

Other Cuisine

If you are thinking of something a bit different, then have a look at our Other menus. Get your Western food fix here along with Umami-laden Japanese and Korean cooking. Variety isn’t an issue here at Air Kopitiam, its which one you’d want to try first that is.